Guaranteed Quality

Advanced Valve Design, Inc. has over 40 years of experience and countless field proven designs. Our products are high-quality, dependable and reasonably priced.

Built to Last

Engineering, designing, fabricating, machining and manufacturing high quality American made dampers in the heart of the industrialized Lehigh Valley.

Support and Service

We stand behind the products we design and manufacture. Our service teams can assist on site or remotely to answer any of your questions.



We pride ourselves on Manufacturing the highest quality Dynamic and Progressive Valves and Dampers.

  • Incredibly skilled and highly trained workforce
  • We closely follow all regulations with our combined machining and fabricating capabilities
  • All manufacturing is in house
  • We never use subcontractors
  • Extensive experience with manufacturing for high temperature erosive and corrosive applications
  • We will help you find the valve or damper you need!
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What We Do

Advanced Valve Design Inc. serves Steel Mills, Refineries/Petrochemical, Cement and Glass Industries, Power Plants, Waste Incineration, Thermal Plants, Automotive Facilities, Processing and General Industrial Applications. Our many years of experience in the damper/valve industry enables us to offer a quality product that will offer solutions to difficult applications. We are able to offer single blade dampers, dual or multiple dampers, Louver dampers, guillotine or slide gate dampers, Poppet dampers, Radial vane dampers, T and Y dampers, Refractory lined dampers and any other specialty or custom designed damper our customers may require. By maintaining our own facility we have control of the product from start to finish. Job after job !!


Our team can design a custom application to meet your specific needs. We have extensive experience with computer design programs and can quickly effectively create a solution for your application.


Our engineers have extensive experience creating custom solutions for our clients. Our team has well over 100 years combined experience dealing with all types of various applications.


Advanced Valve Design, Inc. has a full machine and fabrication shop. Our machines include engine lathes, turret lathes, horizontal boring mills, vertical boring mills, milling machines, radial drill presses, and rolling machines.


Advanced Valve Design, Inc. has over 25,000 square feet in their manufacturing facility. Having our own manufacturing facility gives us better control over the fabrication and machining of our products from start to finish.

Real World Applications

The following pictures show the diversity and capability Advanced Valve Design, Inc. has with various applications around the world.